Once upon a time…


there was a lovey lady who had a burning desire to take her love of clay and create a place where people could come and let their creative hearts go crazy.  Whether it was purely for fun or for the serious artist, she wanted her studio to be that place where folks could come together and want for nothing.  Linda Pope succeeded in doing just that.  She opened Sunin Clay Studio with a partner some years ago and built the most amazing community of artists and ceramic hobbyists. 

Fast forward a bit to when another young artist joined Sunin with the intention of using the space as her escape from the hectic reality of life.  Michelle Stiehl has always had a love for the arts, specifically functional pottery and metal-smithing.  Over the years she has spent many hours in different studios learning from a number of different artists, and even teaching herself some unique tricks.  Then she settled in San Antonio and found Sunin Clay Studio through a friend.  Little did she know her time here would be anything but an "escape".  While being a member at Sunin, she was presented with the most amazing opportunity to take over the studio from Linda.  All of a sudden Michelle was given the chance to do what she has always loved to do, and show others how much fun ceramics is.  Together with her husband, Rickey, and their baby girl, Ophelia, they are transforming the studio into a space that will continue to teach the arts to future generations to come. 

No one can ever take away what Linda Pope has created over the years, we can only help it become greater than it already is.